Supply of equipment for Oil and Gas sector

Selection and delivery of complex equipment always means dozens of concealed issues and implicit points which are not known to the majority of usual suppliers. Unlike others, Milvus Kite has a great experience in this type of work. We take into account all peculiarities and meticulously work out the details of supply. Everything is simple, transparent and convenient.

Due to selective specialisation we managed to study the niche thoroughly, strengthen our expert experience in specific fields and find trustworthy manufacturers in Russia as well as all over the world. We work with clear knowledge of market specific features and processing capabilities.

Milvus Kite company today

Nowadays Milvus Kite company is an official distributor of leading international companies in the Far East and all over Russia. The company has built long-term relationship with more than 20 large manufacturers of equipment.

We do not consider selling as a churn out process, each supply for us is a unique individual project with creative approach that allows us to draw our maximum focus toward each specific case.