Supply and installation of equipment for oil and gas and heavy industries

Our Far East company specialises in supply of imported and local complex process equipment. We were geared to western business models, thus we pay attention even to small details as good result always depends on them.

We supply:

  • Machining equipment
  • Test benches
  • Oil and water pumps
  • Control and measurement instrumentation
  • Workshop transporters
  • Plasma arc cutting lines
  • Block-modular boiler houses
  • Flameproof stations for packaging and transportation of highly inflammable products

Наши клиенты:

  • HHK
  • Gazprom
  • Sakhalin Energy
  • Russian Helicopters
  • Zvezda
  • Rosneft

We use only original products of global and Russian brands and we have all the necessary conformity and quality certificates to prove it. No forgeries, imitations or replicas.

You receive authentic equipment and components from leading global manufacturers without any risk of cooperation with dubious suppliers.

In fact, the purchase of equipment is not everything, it is important the equipment can run faultlessly and satisfy the objectives.

If your company is interested in "hard-to-get" products from partner countries of the Russian Federation, Milvus Kite will definitely help you - professionally, in due time and to the fullest extent